Direct Delivery
Mobile fuel delivery straight to your doorstep
ROVR’s first product, our direct delivery service, was created with our partners in mind; we wanted you to have a seamless experience with as little pain as possible when it comes to refuelling. With this service, ordering fuel for your fleet is easy peasy, and once the order has been made, the only thing left is to sit back and wait until our trucks and trained crew arrive at your fleet’s location to refuel.
Hassle-free ordering & transactions
Step 1
All ROVR customers would need to register for a PETRONAS SmartPay account. The SmartPay payment gateway will ensure a secure & seamless experience on all ROVR refuelling transactions.
Step 2
Schedule a delivery time with our Account Managers.
Step 3

Experience the first of its kind mobile refuelling service in Malaysia that is guaranteed safe. With ROVR, we deliver quality PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro Drive with Pro-Drive, right to your door-step.

Step 4
You can monitor all refuelling transactions via our ROVR Fleet App and SmartHub right at your fingertips.
With ROVR, refuelling is no longer a pain
Excited to take trips to the petrol station off your fleet’s to-do list? Contact us today to learn more about our direct delivery service. We’re happy to hear from prospective partners anytime!
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